$21 PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Slim Fit Blazer Shawl L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $21 PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Slim Fit Blazer Shawl L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Shawl Fit Blazer Some reservation Slim L Mens,www.arrobadeportes.com,Gradient,Shiny,Color,$21,PYJTRL,Slim,Shawl,/hairhound1236391.html,L,Fashion,Fit,Blazer,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men Mens,www.arrobadeportes.com,Gradient,Shiny,Color,$21,PYJTRL,Slim,Shawl,/hairhound1236391.html,L,Fashion,Fit,Blazer,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Shawl Fit Blazer Some reservation Slim L

PYJTRL Tulsa Mall Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Shawl Fit Blazer Some reservation Slim L

PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Slim Fit Blazer Shawl L


PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Slim Fit Blazer Shawl L

Product description

PYJTRL Men’s Luxury Paisley Jacquard Floral Suit Jacket Blazer Weddings Prom Party Dinner Tuxedo
Perfect for prom,banquet, wedding,graduation,nightclub,disco,ceremoney,dating, meeting ,party,celebration, festival, etc.
will really makes you shiny,elegant,and generous and in the crowd.
Size Chart: XS/36 S/38 M/40 L/42 XL/44 XXL/46 XL
XS/36R Shoulder 44CM/17in, bust 99CM/39in. Waistline 86CM/34in,Clothing length 68CM/26.7,Sleeve Length 59CM/23in,
S/38R Shoulder 46CM/18in, bust 104CM/41in. Waistline 91CM/35.8in,Clothing length 70CM/27.5,Sleeve Length 61CM/24in,
M/40R Shoulder 48CM/18.9in, bust 109CM/42.9in. Waistline 96CM/37.8in,Clothing length 72CM/28.3,Sleeve Length 63CM/24.8in,
L/42R Shoulder 50CM/19.6in, bust 114CM/44.8in. Waistline 101CM/39.7in,Clothing length 74CM/29.1,Sleeve Length 65CM/25.6in,
XL/44R Shoulder 52CM/20.4in, bust 119CM/46.8in. Waistline 106CM/41.7in,Clothing length 76CM/29.9,Sleeve Length 67CM/26.4in,
XXL/46R Shoulder 54CM/21.2in, bust 124CM/48.8in. Waistline 111CM/43.7in,Clothing length 78CM/30.7,Sleeve Length 69CM/27.1in,
XXXL/48R Shoulder 56CM/22in, bust 129CM/50.7in. Waistline 116CM/45.6in,Clothing length 80CM/31.5,Sleeve Length 71CM/27.9in,
Washing care
Dry Clean Only(Recommended)
Washing Max Temperature 40°C
Iron at low setting,gentle cycle
Do not use chlorine bleach
Hang to Dry

PYJTRL Mens Fashion Gradient Color Shiny Slim Fit Blazer Shawl L

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