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Khombu 5 ☆ very popular Mens Cold Weather Boots 55% OFF Closure Paul Zipper with Front

Khombu Mens Cold Weather Boots with Front Zipper Closure (Paul)


Khombu Mens Cold Weather Boots with Front Zipper Closure (Paul)

Product description

BOOTS THAT KEEP OUT THE COLD Khombu cold-weather winter boots bring together the ideal blend of comfort and function. Our boots are designed to be easy to get on and off, but the front side zipper design ensures they will stay on securely even in the toughest weather! These durable men boots provide all weather protection to keep feet warm and dry, a breathable upper with a cozy layer of thermal insulation, and non-slip rubber soles for dependable traction. STAND UP TO WINTER Easy to get on and off. Front zipper for the perfect fit. Round toe and low heel for greater stability. Non-slip rubber sole with sure-grip traction pattern. Fully-insulated with Thermalite to keep feet warm and dry. Lightweight, breathable leather synthetic uppers slough off the wet. Durable, cold-weather construction stands up to winter activities. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT SIZE TO GET? Our boots run true-to-size. Reference the sizing chart above to ensure you request the correct size. ARE THESE BOOTS WATERPROOF? Yes, our boots are designed to stand up to moisture to maintain a warm, dry interior. The seams are sealed, soles are water-tight and the upper material makes it easy to dust off snow and rain.

Khombu Mens Cold Weather Boots with Front Zipper Closure (Paul)

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