Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 Resistant Impact Pol Blue Max 55% OFF $23 Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 (Blue, Impact Resistant Pol Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Storage,#4,Resistant,STST82743-1,$23,Pol,Boxes,Stanley,,/flutterable1142386.html,Impact,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,(Blue, Storage,#4,Resistant,STST82743-1,$23,Pol,Boxes,Stanley,,/flutterable1142386.html,Impact,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,(Blue, $23 Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 (Blue, Impact Resistant Pol Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 Resistant Impact Pol Blue Max 55% OFF

Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 Resistant Impact Pol Blue Max 55% OFF Sale Special Price

Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 (Blue, Impact Resistant Pol


Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 (Blue, Impact Resistant Pol

Product description

Size:#4 (33 x 23 x 16 cm)

Stanley Storage Boxes #4 (Blue, Impact Resistant Polypropylene, Stackable, Wall Mountable, Ideal for Storing Small Parts, Tools, Accessories, etc.) STST82743-1 New modern design made from impact-resistant polypropylene Boxes can be stacked with access to contents Convenient storage: can be wall mounted (rails not included) Full nesting possible for optimal shelf and storage efficiency Wide mouth design for easy access to contents Suitable for storing small parts, tools, accessories and general accessories.

Stanley STST82743-1 Storage Boxes #4 (Blue, Impact Resistant Pol

Rockport Women's Vivianne Cutout Sling Platform

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