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Custom Band Strap End Link Sport Rolex Cheap mail order shopping Submarine Compatible Super sale with

Custom Band Strap End Link Compatible with Rolex Sport Submarine


Custom Band Strap End Link Compatible with Rolex Sport Submarine

Product description

The item for sale is a brand new aftermarket replacement custom made end link of the top grade 316L Stainless Steel.

The custom end links are made for Rolex watches to cover the slightly gaps when you are putting your nato, rubber or Leather straps.

It will fit the following model of watches 16800, 16610, 16613, 16618, 16700, 16710, 16750, 116510,116520, 116610 for Daytona , Submariner, GMT, Explorer, Sea dweller , Yatchmaster and others.

You get complete set (2) 316L Stainless Steel End pieces link and it comes with 2 free spring bars.

All Customers Please Read The Following Before Purchasing:

Be sure to check our detailed measurement guide below or in the photos/images section of the listing to assist you with purchasing the correct parts for your watch. The guide will show you how to measure the lug width opening of your watch using a ruler, how to check your model number, and assist you with other questions you may have regarding measurement. Many watches appear the same but may be different in case size or year model. This will help to avoid any returns or exchanges.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We sell only the best quality replacement watch parts and accessories for your watch. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! We have been in the watch parts industry for over 50 years and have been selling online for over 20 years. Buy with confidence from a reputable seller in the USA that you can trust! Visit our online store for a huge selection of other watch parts.

Custom Band Strap End Link Compatible with Rolex Sport Submarine

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