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Geox Japan Maker New Women's Low-top Max 90% OFF Sneaker Trainer

Geox Women's Low-top Trainer Sneaker


Geox Women's Low-top Trainer Sneaker

Product description

Nebula - the legendary, ultra-light and highly breathable casual sneaker from Geox with upper in trendy, comfortable knitted slip-on shoe style provides maximum comfort and cushioning. A true technology concentrate, starting from the sole, which is breathable thanks to the perforations with exclusive Geox patent, which is additionally supported by the Net Breathing System. The lining and insole made of 3D mesh fabric ensure increased breathability and well-being. Wide front cap for a comfortable fit. With the cushioning, lightweight and flexible design and EVA sole, the Nebula sole profile is equipped with 3D rubber inserts that provide maximum grip and long durability. The ideal trainer for any occasion – whether at work, in leisure, travelling and even for relaxing moments, because thanks to the special design, Nebula also becomes a comfortable slipper.

These shoes have been tested by professional racers and owe their exceptional breathability to the revolutionary Geox Net Breathing System, the most advanced breathable technology developed by Geox. Thanks to the maxi holes, an even larger surface area is covered, resulting in improved breathability.

A special membrane prevents water from entering the sole. In addition, an additional layer of special material protects the foot without sacrificing breathability.

This technology has been specially designed to withstand even intense stress and ensure maximum comfort every day - even at high temperatures.

Geox Women's Low-top Trainer Sneaker





LEE Men's Modern Series Slim Cargo PantNovember 25, 2016

prep 5 mins cook 15 mins total 20 mins
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