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Jack Wolfskin Men's Don't miss the campaign Super Special SALE held Cascade Hike Low Walking Texapore M Shoe

Jack Wolfskin Men's Cascade Hike Texapore Low M Walking Shoe


Jack Wolfskin Men's Cascade Hike Texapore Low M Walking Shoe

Product description

Each new day brings a new challenge. With the lightweight, waterproof CASCADE HIKE TEXAPORE LOW, your feet will have no trouble keeping up with your ambitions — especially if these involve fast, energetic hiking. Equipped with a multi-component, cushioning sole system, this shoe provides good grip and support even on rough trails. The sole offers good traction and supports the foot's natural motion from the strike to the roll-over phase. The EVA midsole pad in the forefoot delivers improved guidance and stability, and the shock-absorbing EVA heel pad provides excellent cushioning. So your feet feel good throughout the hike, from the first step to the last. There's no need to cut your day short if it starts to rain, either. The CASCADE HIKE TEXAPORE LOW has a waterproof TEXAPORE membrane that will keep your feet dry. The shoe has an ultra modern look, so it's also ideal to wear around town. The chunky heel design is a highlight feature of the shoe.

Jack Wolfskin Men's Cascade Hike Texapore Low M Walking Shoe

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