Sleeve,Snow,Extra,$24,Childrens,SnowStoppers,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,/chiromance1142643.html,Long,,with,Boot $24 SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot with Extra Long Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls $24 SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot with Extra Long Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot Sleeve Long with Extra Popular shop is the lowest price challenge SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot Sleeve Long with Extra Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Sleeve,Snow,Extra,$24,Childrens,SnowStoppers,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,/chiromance1142643.html,Long,,with,Boot

SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot Sleeve Long with Extra Popular shop is the lowest price Ranking TOP12 challenge

SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot with Extra Long Sleeve


SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot with Extra Long Sleeve

Product Description

Kids stay warmer and play longer with SnowStoppers Snow Boots. Like the Patented Extra-Long Cuff on our SnowStoppers Mittens, the Patent-Pending Extra-Long Leg Sleeve on our Snow Boots is what makes the difference!"

​The Waterproof Leg Sleeve stops snow and water from getting inside and stops Boots from Coming off. Regular or close fitting pants fit inside the Snow Boots Snow Pants fit over the Snow Boots.

Removable Boot Liner is machine washable allowing for washing and drying between uses.

Zipper and Side Opening makes them easy for kids and adults to put on and take off.

Available in 3 Great Colors that Match our SnowStoppers Mittens: Sky Blue, Fuchsia, and Black.

SnowStoppers Childrens Snow Boot with Extra Long Sleeve

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