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Manufacturer regenerated product Intrepid International Horse Ranking TOP19 Sheet Day

Intrepid International Horse Day Sheet


Intrepid International Horse Day Sheet

Product description

Product Description

Horse Day Sheet Don't let this classical looking day sheet fool you. The Sheet is made of a Poly Cotton blend with a nylon taffeta lining at the chest and shoulders. Fleece is used to give the withers protection. Comes with a double buckle front closure and two cross nylon adjustable surcingles keep the blanket in place. You will also receive a tail cord and two adjustable removable leg straps. Sizes: 48-87.

From the Manufacturer

Horse Day Sheet Don't let this classical looking day sheet fool you. The Sheet is made of a Poly Cotton blend with a nylon taffeta lining at the chest and shoulders. Fleece is used to give the withers protection. Comes with a double buckle front closure and two cross nylon adjustable surcingles keep the blanket in place. You will also receive a tail cord and two adjustable removable leg straps. Sizes: 48-87.

Intrepid International Horse Day Sheet 
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