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QT S Wireless Car Charger Finally popular brand Qi Clamp All stores are sold Auto Voice Control Sens Touch

QT S Wireless Car Charger Qi Auto Clamp Voice Control Touch Sens


QT S Wireless Car Charger Qi Auto Clamp Voice Control Touch Sens

Product description

Air Vent Mount which can be clipped to your Car's Air vent Mount for your convenience, you can get rid of the messy charging cables hanging on the car. The 360° rotary ventilator offers the flexibility to see your phone or GPS while driving. You can use the Qi C12 fast charger to get the perfect view. --------------- Easy to Use:------ This wireless car charger is very easy to use, Simply say “Car Charger “Wait 1 Second amp; Say “Open” the two clips will automatically open and grip your phone when you put the phone close to the Infrared Holder. Touch button to remove the phone and make it easy to operate with one hand. This car wireless charger bracket / Qi fast car charger arm Clips secures your phone when driving on a speed bump and rough mountain road.... --Wide Compatibility....--- Compatible For Samsung Galaxy S10 S10+ S9 S9+ S8 S8+ S7 Note 9, For iPhone 8/ 8+ / X / XS/XS Max/XR 11,12, 12 pro max All models, amp; All other Qi enabled Devices.... --Kindly Note...... 1. When using wireless charging, the thickness of the phone case should not exceed 6 mm. 2. Wireless charging is only available for phones that support it, and a fast charging QC 3.0 adapter is required (Not Included) to fast charge. 3. It is highly recommended to use the Adhesive Mounting Pad on uneven/textured surfaces. ---- Specification......-- Input: DC 5V/2A, 9V/1.8A Output: 5W / 7.5W / 10W Frequency: 110-205KHz Product Size: 109 X 65X 21 mm Product Weight: 123 g Working Power 5W, 7.5W, 10W Max Standard Qi 1.2.4 Input 9V / 1.67A, 5V / 2A Output 9V / 1.2A, 5V / 1.5A ----... Package Included 1 x Infrared Voice activated Wireless Car Charger 1 x Air Vent Clip 1 x Type-C USB Cable 1 x User Manual ! - (30 Days satisfaction/Money Back Guarantee Plus 6 Months Warranty)

QT S Wireless Car Charger Qi Auto Clamp Voice Control Touch Sens

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